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n. A woman who, when in the company of female acquaintances, blocks or "muzzles" their attempts to score with a person of potential sexual interest.
v. To prevent a woman from having sexual liasons.

See: cock block.
Tina was trying to get to know this hot guy last night, but Debbie acted like a total cunt muzzle when she mentioned that Tina is on the rag.

Debbie cunt muzzled Gretchen from making out with Jim by bringing up her massive unicorn collection.
by Captain Kegel February 26, 2009
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Similar to pussy whipped;

1. Over time sounding more and more like your girlfriend/wife

2. Never getting a word in and only doing what your girlfriend/wife wants
She's got a cuntmuzzle on him.

He only does what she wants cuz she put a cuntmuzzle on him.
by dogboy May 26, 2005
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1: a woman that has several tampons/or other objects at once in her cunt at once creating a muzzle so that it cant get anymore

2: an electrified barbed wire underwear a girl whose parents are complete assholes wear so that a guy cant get in her panties
1: Wow betty used so many tampons at once that she cunt muzzled herself

2:Wow i went so far with betty but i couldnt get passed her cunt muzzle
by lsw5t9uq43oiut3 July 22, 2008
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