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Usually a girl of loose morals, picked up at a bar or a party and taken back to your or your friends house. This is where a Cummy Rag differs from the usual street-whore; you have to work hard to convince her she is in a different town to where she really is AND fold her up into a fold-out couch whilst chanting CUMMY RAG! CUMMY RAG!
1. I really didn't want to see that one-night stand again, so I pulled the old Cummy Rag trick
2. When looking at new lounge furniture, always enquire about the Cummy Rag optional extras
3. Scott: "Bro, my girlfriend can't find out I cheated on her again"
Brent: "Let's just do the Cummy Rag and we'll be mint condish"
by TGR Online May 17, 2010
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