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When an entity experiences an eternal bliss that transcends existence itself, the inconceivable notion of unlimited infinite zen. It is also the eruption that cums forth immediately after said enlightenment and unrelenting force that equates to a maddening convulsing nuclear cumsplosion.
The man was cumlatte, and fired on the wall rapidfire.

Cumlatte modo was achieved, and thus the flood was born.
Millions of deaths occur every year due to the cumlatte.

Cumlatte is a good source of nutrition, with mild side effects such as immense PTSD and Death.
by A e s t h e t i c s November 28, 2017
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noun: 1. A beverage made with steamed male ejaculate; 2. A Latin term that distinguishes a college degree, typically awarded to campus sluts.
"There are lots of hidden drinks at Starbucks not on the menu. For example, my favorite barista makes a mean cum latte."

"Her parents were so proud to watch her graduate, especially since she graduated magna cum latte."
by NarstyMan September 28, 2013
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