If you already know what the meaning is, well you've done an exceptional job!!!

During oral sex when you put your heart and soul into it... While doing the said act, u manage to force some of your partner's love jucie and an abundance of saliva into your nose...Or your partner facefucks you or grinded them selves upon your unsuspecting face and nose.

So after the act you MUST go and blow your nose freeing your Cum Burgers
1.Dude last night I was going to town on this squishy chic. She really grinded my face till I had cum burgers.

2.I couldn't believe the size of the cum burgers I had after that super sloppy BJ!!

Cum Bugers: The abundance of cum and saliva that builds up in your nose after wilder and crazy sex.
by E515071 August 20, 2017
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