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The result of a music producers attempt to create innovative music through unconventional collaboration between different cultural styles, trends and other phenomena in hopes that the novelty of the work will capture attention of consumers.

Usually this innovation stays within familiar boundaries in order to avoid testing any actual comfort zones of the listener, resulting in an uninspired, overplayed marketing gimmick which, at least in principle, would actually be offensive to many individuals provided anyone actually took the time to think about it as something other than a marketable product.
A sarcastic account of a cultural disaster would resemble something similar to the statement concerning the music video for the Lady Gaga song "Telephone" that follows: "I love how Lady Gaga, Beyonce and some of their backup dancers wear torn up American flags as costumes while dancing in a bar where the plot indicates they just murdered all the patrons, while singing about the perils of people trying to call your cell phone while you are drunk at a club. It conveys respect for themselves, pride for their nation and, most important of all, makes a lot of sense."

See also: Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho
by Brian Seacrest April 15, 2010
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