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CultofDusty is a genuinely retarded atheist, his atheism being caused from his childhood trauma of being anal raped to near death by a Catholic priest and his general dumbass views being caused from his inbred genetics which led to him being born with an intellectual disability which prevent him to think and reason properly (hence his often irrational views i.e "one Christian did something bad ergo they are all bad").

CultofDusty's retardation is not just apparent in his irrational views but in his vocabulary which simply consists of swearing. Dusty's arguments against religion aren't his own either, they are simply regurgitated nonsense he heard from the likes of Dawkins and being already angered by religion due to the action of the aforementioned Catholic priest, he took to YouTube to rant after hearing Dawkins, turning the gibberish of Dawkins into even worst gibberish.
Being a genuine retard, Dusty also buys into the debunked conspiracy theories that the holocaust never occurred and that Jesus never existed (despite both containing genuine historical evidence from contemporary historians of their time and despite what Dusty might like to imagine, the historical records of both subjects are not forged).

Hated by educated atheists, agnostics and religious people, CultofDusty is quickly joining the ranks of The Amazing Atheist and "Atheism is Unstoppable" as a pathetic excuse for a human being who is little different to the religious fanatics that he hates so much.
by Atheism is bullshit June 02, 2015
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