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Cuffing's disease is a serious condition in which the patient has attracted a member of the opposite sex in which him/her has no interest whatsoever. Symptoms usually occur within 3 to 4 hangout dates and only worsen as the two people spend more time together. As of now there are no known cures except to "keep it real" from the get go.
Mary: Wow, jenna gave that guy her number last week and they hungout ONCE because she felt bad. Now he won't stop hitting her up.

Liz: Wow looks like she's got a bad case of the cuffing's disease

Ben: damnnn son look at jeff over there with that girl he brought home from minerva last week... they hooked up once and now she's buyin the kid gifts and shift.
Tom: looks like a case of the cuffing's disease
by -you know this August 19, 2011
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