A stupid made up season with no correlating evidence what so ever.
Paige said it was cuffing season. She was full of it.
by Blackcatwiththemac November 13, 2018
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Cuffing Season- A season in the Autumn and Winter months, Were a woman handcuffs a man of her fancy, And the captured have to do sexual favors for her and/or marry her.
Woman 1: I just Captured a man and made him marry me
Friend: yea?
Woman 1: without a prenup
Friend: You monster!
Woman 1: well its Cuffing Season
Friend: True, Tis the season of physical, and emotional domination over our male counterparts
Woman 1: Amen!
by Shinkdmeister November 03, 2018
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When it's so hot outside that people roll their sleeves up/cuff them.
I have to roll my sleeves up because it's so hot. It must be cuffing season.
by Bgbgbgbg March 09, 2016
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An anagram for β€œffucing” season. The annual time of year when females let males buy them PSL’s and have sex. The term β€œcuffing,” in context with the season, is unrelated to actual handcuffs. Some females have been shown to enjoy the use of handcuffs however, this trait, if present, typically applies year-round and isn’t related to cuffing (ffucing) season.
Dude winter is right around the corner. It’s almost cuffing season!!
via giphy
by incognegro November 13, 2020
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