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To over-reach in the development of a technology product or service by adding excessive features that have a detrimental impact on the user-base or are perceived to have no positive value.

Akin to "jumping the shark" in media culture and illuminating a phase transition or bifurcation point, where a once potentially viable technology is deemed detrimental or excessive in problematic aspects due to its overloading of function.

Based to the late 1990s Digital Convergence Corporation cat-shaped handheld bar-code scanner known as the "CueCat" and referential to the theory of over-optimization and technocentrism expressed by Harvard Business professor Clayton Christensen and his "Innovator's Dilemma" and "Innovator's Solution" works.
Google was an awesome search engine until they added Instant and cued the cat.
by thirdparasite December 29, 2010
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