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Scenario that occurs when Person A walks into a public or workplace toilet to find Person B washing their hands and the sound of a recently flushed toilet coming from one of multiple cubicles. Person A then has to decide which cubicle to choose, attempting to avoid the cubicle that has just been devastated by the bowel movements of Person B.

Should the person loose the resulting cubicle roulette or 'poolette', they will have to endure the strench, shit stains and/or poo fog left behind by the previous occupant for the duration of their own stool making.
Person 1: "Christ, I just lost a game of cubicle poolette in the work toilets. I feel sick."

Person 2: "Haha, could you taste the last guy's poo fog"

Person 1: "...what the fuck? No. What's wrong with you man?!"
by Kilgore Trout 86 June 19, 2013
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