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Often found in large companies with pervasive cubicle environments. The existence of very heavy-set, adult-aged yet Peter Pan-obsessed males that appear from cubicles looking as if they have recently emerged from a dark cave, having hibernated for the winter or just participated in the latest Halo or Guitar Hero tournament. They often take off work in order to spend nights outside of Best Buy to purchase the latest version of Xbox. These un-shaved, wild-haired creatures tend to gather in large groups around the latest technical advancements in manufacturing or engineering.
Hey did you see Joe the Cubicle Troll today? No, man - I haven't seen that guy since Star Wars: The Clone Wars came out. Oh wait, I think I see him now dragging his knuckles along the floor and grunting down the hallway with the newest edition of Gaming Weekly magazine.
by UMAYB1 August 27, 2008
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