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Arachnoid Undead unit that can be effective against most Night Elf players since all they do is make Chimaeras and weak ranged units. When one masses Crypt Fiends in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne online team games, they are often depended on to kill enemy air units because 'Fiends can cast Web on them.

After a couple of Creature upgrades, the 'Fiends become the best anti-air units in the game because their Piercing attacks are highly potent against most flying units. Give them a Death Knight with Unholy Aura and they are perfectly fit for shooting down everything. They suck against building structures, though.

Even if you have a 56k Internet connection, you have no excuse for not owning this online game. Just make sure no background programs are running and delete spyware using Ad-aware because lagging can be a real pain in the ass.
Noob-idiot (to All): OMG fucking spiders everywhere!
BSer-man (to Allies): I can't believe you guys still won after I bsed you.
Serpent (to Allies): you suck at bsing
Serpent (to All): crypt fiends > chims. hope you learned your lesson. gg k? thnx

Noob-idiot has left the game
by Erik "Serpent" Tilton December 09, 2004
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One who browses DoBRP's forums in his spare time. CryptFiend- normally doesn't maturbate to female baboons, but on the weekend, the urge is just too strong. Despite his undersized, amorphous penis (the head got blown off in the war), CryptFiend- is a sexual maniac! Often preying on young girls, such as those who read girl's life and sell cookies, CryptFiend- quenches his sexual desires with such toys as pickles, coffee beans, and icicles. Ever the prankster, and always the ass, CryptFiend- is the ideal forum browser.

See also, ass, jackass, dumbass, fucktard, retard, moron, ignorant, uneducated, pedophile, necrophiliac, stubby penis, wanker, shit head, faggot, faggit, fag, homosexual, newb, noob, newbie, lam0r, PWNED
Mommy! Mommy! Look at that CryptFiend-!
Run inside son, tell dad to fetch his gun. I'll go for help!
by Conicle November 03, 2004
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