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When a man or transvestite holds their erect penis 1-3 inches from the eye of the sleeping victim. The cock is masturbated until ready to explode, the victim is then woken up by a loud yell or titty twister. At this point the penis unleashes its gooey white load into the victims eye and the victim is promptly knocked out again via a solid donkey punch by a sidekick. A short while later the victim will wake up to realize that they can no longer open one of their eyes as the man gravy has become quite crusty, much to their dismay. To greater effect two cocks can be used to ensure full blindness.
"I totally Crusty Nagasaki'd T.J on Friday night, he was being a douche so he deserved it. Watching him run around half blind afterwards was priceless"
by C Nuts April 19, 2008
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