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A college event that began in Orange County, CA by a group of drunken friends who decided to go against the grain and party on a Tuesday night to celebrate one of their friend's birthdays. This led to even more debauchery on Tuesday nights such as spontaneous road trips to Mexico as well as localized dance parties in California.

Today, "Crunk Tuesdays" is an everyday term in most California college dormitories and other college dwellings alike. At it's core, Crunk Tuesdays is a party held every Tuesday night during the active school semester at a house or apartment. However, for others it's more than that; it's a stress outlet for thrill-seeking, adventuresome young people who aren't content with the 2-day weekend. If you will, it's a once-in-a-college-opportunity to live on the edge and meet others that do too.
After my last class at 9 PM I will be at Crunk Tuesdays with my Heineken mini-keg and a bottle of 151!
by Don Johnston January 21, 2007
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