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A persona of the awesome person, Dane Enerio, in the game Left 4 Dead 2. He is said to wield a Crowbar sent from the Heavens itself and possesses a wide array of powers like "Crowbar Shock" and the ultimate "Crowbar Apocalypse".

Crowbar Man has a fanbase of 3 people around the world, supporting Crowbar Man throughout his progress in Left 4 Dead 2.

Rarely he uses a gun, because Crowbar Man only uses a Crowbar, which can be picked up from the first levels of the game until the end.

If attacked a tank, Crowbar Man will not hesitate to whack it with his special attack, the Crowbar Holocaust, which would make the Tank fly to outer space.

It is said that only once this Crowbar Man lost his crowbar throughout the entire game. It was on the epic battle for the Dark Carnival. Where Crowbar Man was forced to use his most devastating attack, "Crowbar Apocalypse", which was confirmed as the major cause for the Chile earthquake on 2010.

Crowbar Man is now resting, until he finds good Left 4 Dead 2 players so play with him just like the good old days.
Crowbar Man: Let's finish this.

Coach: My friends call me coach!

Crowbar Man: Coach you fat idiot!
by SpaceMarineCrowbar April 25, 2010
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