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1. A couple of jovial lads who love LaCroix Sparkling Water
2. Some straight up nasty ass hood ass dirty ass mufukas
3. Educated gentleman who value long term commitment and fiscal responsibility.
I just shotgunned like fo'ty two LaCroixs like a goddamn CroixBoix(s).

Damn, them CroixBoixs just fucked my bitch. Steve, you seen my wallet? Did them CroixBoix(s) get my wallet too? Oh shit, can bubbles get a bitch pregnant? I was a bubble boy, I don't know about no bubble baby.

There's nothing like reading a little bit of Descartes while managing your assets like a CroixBoix(s), now is there Phillip?
by Wherethewildkinzare May 19, 2017
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