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A prefabricated toilet unit, or pod, often placed in a very public place. The use of which is not a relaxing experience, for you are in a state of conscious anxiety that the door will inadvertently fly open to reveal you having a crod (or curling one off, so to speak). The more utilitarian plastic form is found at music festivals and image conscious building sites, while the more upmarket types, sleek curves and stainless steel fittings can be found in most busy city thoroughfares.

CrodPod - it's the only option when you're touching cloth out in public
Stan: Aarghh Bob, I can feel the tortoise's head
Bob: Oh no Stan, there isn't a public toilet close by.
Stan: Oh feck, guess I'll need to use the CrodPod - I'm busting for a shite.
by Giant Hillside Drawing July 23, 2013
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