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'Croatian Webcam' is a general term used by hardcore computer gamers when his/her game starts to lag in an online match.

This term originated from an expat croatian family who emigrated to the Southern Hemisphere. Through curiosity the parents would continuously look at Croatian Webcams showing different areas of their home Country. Supposedly this created huge lag issues with the gamer of the house, hence the term 'Croatian Webcam.'

This term is becoming more common amongst gamers these day. Lag is a serious issue for the hardcore gamer, which can make or break a game. It is very stressful when lag occurs so to make light of the situation the gamer will often announce to his/her friends that he/she has 'Croatian Webcam.'
''Fuck this shit!!!!!!!!!!!! how the fuck am I supposed to play battlefield with Croatian Webcam.''

''ahhhhhhhh jesus christ my Mums on Croatian Webcam.....I'm getting 1800 ping.''

''Lol, look at my ping......I think I've got Croatian Webcam. What a fuck load of shit......I can't play like this''
by El SCORCHIO February 17, 2010
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