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(noun) A male gamer that hears a female gamer speak via microphone on a public server and proceeds to act childish and annoying to attract their attention. Usually a Crispy Mango tries to act cute and say nice things to the female in order to woo her, but to everyone else he is just an annoying tool that probably has never spoken to another female other than their mother.
(Halo Matchmaking)
Female: Oh yea! Overkill, bitches!
Crispy Mango: *OMG A GURL* Oh hey! Yea good job. You’re so good at this game. You must play a lot, huh? Btw you have a nice voice. Do you sing? We should sing Disney songs together! β€œI can show you the world!”
Female: wut…

Everyone else: omg dood, stfu go capture the flag noob!
by M. C. Gutierrez January 07, 2015
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