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The most elite teenager-run clan and server known to Counter-Strike: Source.

Created by Thomas, Gabe and Carson around the year 2006, the clan originally failed until the three reached 8th grade and Thomas threw some money into the "Crisis Action Team 24/7 Iceworld" server and "" website.

To this day, the Crisis Action Team server is nearly always full and continues to grow in popularity.

You noobs, you don't get administrative powers by joining the clan. And DO NOT try to join if you suck. We are elite.
Thomas: Yeah let's play CS:S on the super elite Crisis Action Team server while we eat Wendies.

Gabe: Ok, but, dammit, the server is full! I'll tell Amrit in there to drop the banhammer.
by roflmywaffle1024 August 28, 2009
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