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Rivalry gangs formed in Los Angeles, (bloods were also in Toronto) Compton.

Bloods are associated with the color red, red bandanas, drugs, guns. Examples of celebs, YG, Drake, Fetty Wap.

Crips are associated with the color blue, blue bandanas, drugs guns.

Examples of celebs, N.W.A. If you anit know who they are even bloods no get off!

Crips 'n Bloods are rival gangs
Crip 1: Damn why you bleeding?

Crip 2: I was walking and I got jumped by dem bloods.

Crip 3: serves you right for walking in the wrong part of Compton.

Crip 2: they said "Hit and Crip by the Lip and Watch Dem True Colors drips,"

Blood 1: im in da mood to kill a brip for breakfast

Random crip: u mean crip?

Blood 2: Da fuck oh hell no, scram nigga

Blood 3: hell naw nigga let's jump his ass
Blood 4: Hit a Krip by the Lip and Watch dem True Kolors drip

Random women taking a trip to L.A. With her friends

Women: Crips and Bloods just need to get along

Friend 1: yeah but a nigga who fights is kinda hot

Friend 2: fuck that shit let them fight they killing themselves over a color dumbass Crips 'n Bloods
by BloodNigforLife October 08, 2016
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