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Similar to the Dry Dock or the Double Decker; only this is the female version. A "Crimson Mudplant" is when a woman enters the ladies' restroom, takes a dump, and then pulls out a dirty tampon and places it close to the seat in the bowl, so it is highly visible. Of course, the toilet is not flushed--therefore, time ensures that the tampon will "bleed" down the side of the bowl, creating a kind of blossom-effect (depending upon the number of tampons used, sometimes a 'boquet' results). There is always a tiny bit of toilet paper on the side of the mudplant, creating the illusion that someone "tried" to not be disgusting. The Crimson Mudplant is created for one of two reasons: first, revenge, much like the Double-Decker or Dry-Dock; and second, due to a raging case of OCD, in which case the offender is too much of a germaphobe to touch the flusher.
OMG...did you see the Crimson Mudplant in the toilet? Someone used TWO TAMPONS AT ONCE! Someone call the janitor!
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