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The darkest day in America was on July 18th 2008 when a homsexual fan of Star-Wars was at one of the famous Jedi Fan convention when George Lucas made a quest appearance at the convention. The man approached George after Lucas was showing off new designs for a Lightsaber and the man commented on how the hilt of the Lightsaber reminded him of a "penis". George Lucas looked upon the man with a deep untouched Dark Fury and took the newly designed light saber and sodomized the gay fan while saying "Only a Sith fan see's a LightSaber and thinks of a Penis" The man died two days later from Excessive Anal Bleeding, The Crime of George Lucas case was dissmissed since the Judge was Georges "biggest fan".
I did a report on the Crime of George Lucas, and yes jedi's are actually gay bashers who are out to whipe out the population of the infamous Sith who are actually extremely gay.
by Bum Killa 101 April 09, 2009
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