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This is a girl you will probably meet in high school that has a huge obsession over you. They will call you their boyfriend even though you never talk with them or start converstations with them. Being around you they will try their best to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible and even trying to get sexual with you for no goddamn reason. Even though she has no reason to like you and you dont even look that pretty. She looks like a supermodel and has perfect hair/ Or is emo and wears chokers and black makeup and makes her skin color completely pale. You will never understand why they like you so much in this creepy way because you never can see being a family with the girl in the future knowing that you are completely diffferent. You will not be safe from kids like this if you are 13 - 16 Years of age.
You: *Breathing*

Emo girl: I love you, I want you to stick your dick inside me and have babies with me until I cum. And after that we can have a nice house and I can love you everyday and hold you sexually. I want you to lick me from head to toe and smother me in your goo. Please daddy, Let us embrace and be together forever

Kid: What the frick. I never talk to you and You are a hella Creepy female.

Girl: but I want you inside me OwO

Kid: *Runs Away*


Kid: fuck you whore

Girl: I love it when you call me that

Kid: *Runs Faster*
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by i am so epic 2007 March 14, 2019
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