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A dance originating in the fall at Randolph-Macon. This dance is performed while very intoxicated and preferably on someone of the opposite sex and this person (for legal precautions) preferably will be a close friend. The danceusually involves hip gyrations, thrust and bouncing along with but not limited to very close contact of the lower body if not whole body heavy breathing on neck and usually some rap or techno music blaring in the backround (music may not be required if intoxicated enough)
Katie: Hey How was last night?
Kellyn: Great. The party was wild.
Katie:Did ya'll drink?
Kellyn: Yeah we did. Casey Was GONE.
Katie: Really??
Kellyn: yeah Really. He Creepy Danced up on me. But I really liked it.
by Irby Hall February 08, 2006
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