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1. A group of Mainly Pacific islanders; specifically Tongans and 1 samoan, Deriving From the Bay Area whose goal and purpose is to fancy ladies and flood there ears with fantasies and promises they can't keep. Hated by many, but respected by all.

2. Pimps, Players, Hustlers, Mack's, Smooth, Slick

3. A man fantasized my many females

4. Life of the party that all sluts and church girls want to creep away with.
1. Nobody FUNCTIONS like the Creep Gang

2. The Creep Gang came thru and stole all the bitches

3. All eyes were on the Creep Gang as they fancied all the ladies at the Function

4. All the Bitches Boyfriends were angry as the Creep Gang left with there Drunk GirlFriends
by 9erGangBangBang April 28, 2013
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