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Is the pointless, self-made title for a person who claims to be the "creative director" over an entire event or a project. There are six (6) requirements for someone to be a Creative Lead:

1) They must give themselves the title of "Creative Lead" or even "Creative Director."
2) They must have no earthly idea about what they are doing.
3) They must have no concept of what good art, graphic design, videography, photography and web design looks like.
4) They must think that they are "the bomb" at art, graphic design, videography, photography and web design.
5) They must suck at all aspects of art, graphic design, videography, photography and web design.
6) They must be all talk and no show; not doing any work themselves, claiming to inspire others "creatively" and apply "creative" direction.
If all six (6) requirements have been met, then the person in question is in fact, a Creative Lead. The cool thing about dealing with a Creative Lead is that they do no actual work, but they think they still think that they are awesome. So its really cool working with them. You'll have a great time.
"Hey guys, Sarah here. I'll be the Creative Lead for this project, so you can pretty much just look to me for all of your creative direction and I'll tell you what needs to be done. Don't do anything without going through me first. I know exactly what needs to be done and I'll tell you how to do it. If you don't go through me, then this won't have the Creative Direction that it so desperately needs"

"What does Daniel even do as Creative Lead?"

"Oh thats really awesome, Craig, that you're our Creative Lead and all. Who came up with that title?"

"Jo does such a great job as our Creative Lead. I never have to worry about the quality of this project at all!"

"Sam said that he's the Creative Lead for this school-sponsered event. What the hell does that even mean?"
by BillFromTejas April 20, 2013
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