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1) Someone who doesn't have a bloody facking clue and loves talkin' shite.
2) Someone who is as rare as fookin' horse shite and is fackin' clean off it.
1) "Oi you! Your on the wrong side off the fookin' escalator ya Crazy Shammy Cunt ye! To hell with you, you rotten b*****d! Your as thick as two short planks ye aul git ye!”
2)"Ahhh what was dat for Crazy Shammy ye oul rotten hag ye! Your fookin' out of it like a bag of fookin' shit lying out in Fermanagh !"
2)"Aww fook there's bolock Crazy Shammy out again, counting them manky oul Friesian's" What did i tell that oul bastid? She's no show cow but shed do for a ride around the house!"
by DoomQuack May 18, 2015
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