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A sport which includes the same instruments as usual ping pong. The aim is to 'ping' or 'pong' the ball into the opposing teams goal. The goals are usually replaced by things like bins or boxes in amateur games but in the LCPPL (Leith Crazy Ping Pong League), currently the only "Crazy" league in the world, use standard 28 by 28 cm circled goals in singles, and 12 by 19 cm in doubles. Triples rules vary. The players are allowed as many touches as wanted and the bal IS permitted to leave the table and bounce on the ground. One of the most important rules is that if the ball bounces off the ground and then lands in the goal, the player that awarded the point is given double unless it was an own-goal. Crazy Ping Pong is known as Air-Bound Hockey in U.S.A and Ireland.
Let's play Crazy Ping Pong.
by FiFi Stu February 10, 2009
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