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A crazy person or broad that needs attention and any kind of attention from any body. A person who is very bitter and angry because of the hand that was dealt to them. A very negative person who has nothing nice to say about anyone. A woman whom wants a man in their life bad as hell and will accept anybody just to feel wanted.
A broad whom hates another broad but skins and grinns in they're face daily and as soon as the turn their back talking about them like a dog. A broad who needs and wants a friend so bad she calls anybody her sister, cousin etc... A phony broad that talks about people behind their backs and skins and grinns in their faces all the time, but really the joke is on her. A broad that talks ten tons of shit to others about others but will never actually let it be known to the individual whom she's hating on how it is she is feeling. A broad that makes herself feel like she is the best in everything to feel like she is someone and is worth something.Puts others down in order to feel good about self.
Crazy Wayne is someone who is Cold at everything they do.
Just a crazy broad!!!!!
by Mee too February 13, 2009
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