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A worldwide travel group with a drinking problem. With members of various ranks numbering in the hundreds, and usually moving in packs of up to 30 or 40 people, the Crazy Phuckers travel the world, leaving behind an aftermath of good times, great memories, and even better friends (and the occasional self-promoting sticker, too). They are specifically known for seriously debaucherous gatherings, consuming all of the alcohol at any given bar, using women to lure your women, overwhelming small supermarkets, wrecking golf carts, doing body shots on your local bar, cooking some seriously good food, and renting entire wings of hotels, villas, and estates in a typically failed attempt to contain themselves. Simply put, if you encounter one in your travels, your best bet is to befriend and follow!
"Dude...The party sucked 'til the Crazy Phuckers showed up!! Why did I wake up wearing only a red plastic cup...And has anyone seen my girlfriend?"
by Otts July 11, 2009
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