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Evolution of the term:-
Craftivism was a U.K. movement founded by Sarah Corbett in 2009 under the banner Craftivist Collective
which combines handicrafts with charitable social justice works. In a nutshell, philanthropic macrame. This led to the term Craptivist, coined by group mentor Sam Roddick, a Body Shop heiress, for non-crafty social activists. The evolving term has been further refined by alt-media savant Styxhexenhammer666 who has defined a Craptivist as "some of the more abusive NGOs, some of the Soros offshoots, a Share Blue, something like that" (on Mar 1, 2018).
Lobbyist: First we use identity politics to paint the opposition as extremists, thus position ourselves as moderates. We will mask our real backers by astroturfing our viewpoint with paid craptivist protesters screaming about social justice. A winning strategy.
by Zoschenko March 02, 2018
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Someone who gets unbelievably passionate about human rights, social change, equality etc. etc. They have strong opinions and (occasionally) sound theories but do nothing about them. This person only voices their opinion when they don't believe they'll get called out, but never stick to their guns when faced with a situation which challenges the beliefs they care about so keenly.
Sally:"Karen saw someone get sexually harassed the other day and didn't say anything about it, wasn't she going on about how more women need to stick up for each other?"

Ben: "Ugh, she's such a craptivist"
by thecraptivator May 19, 2018
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