Crappy Poetry can take on many forms; it is a morphologic organism that evolves alarmingly quick. The art form itself is widely debated and misunderstood; however, it is largely accepted that Crappy Poetry is either a satirical poem making fun of poems or just a poem that is written very poorly.

The leading authority on Crappy Poetry is The Crappy Poets Society. The majority of members have the opinion that poems which rhyme and make sense are less crappy then poems which do not rhyme and are random in nature.

Crappy Poetry is designed to be humorous and the authors goal is to make their audience laugh.
Joe: Here is my submission to the crappy poetry contest:

'That’s What She Said' by Joe W.
I want to ride,
But it’s so long.
My needs can’t wait.
I hate it in the back.
It hurts so bad; I want to scream!
It drives me wild.
I’m going to suck it up.
I don’t know how much longer I can last though…
I’m going to burst!
I’m so excited, but I know the ride won’t last long.
Ew, it’s all wet and it kind of smells.
How many people have ridden it before?
These are the thoughts I think as I wait in line.

Audience Member: wow, joe, that was some crappy poetry.
by The Crappy Poets Society April 06, 2011
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