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World re known actor of such movies as: Poltergeist, The Family Stone, Blades of Glory and many more. Best known for his many years as Coach Hayden Fox on the popular 90's sitcom "Coach". In my humble opinion Craig T Nelson could give Chuck Norris the beating of a lifetime.
Top 12 Reasons Why Craig T. Nelson is Better Than Chuck Norris:

Craig T doesn’t fail he just evolves into a better form of perfection

Craig T can make the kessel run in under 3 parsecks.

Craig T is so powerful that he convinced that Borg that resistance is indeed futile.

Craig T transcends all space and time and can scientifically be in more than one place at one time.

In the past Craig T Nelson once collided with a huge planet sized celestial body - We now call it the asteroid belt.

Craig T gives bacon heart attacks

Craig T is such an awesome coach that he took the Minnesota Screaming Eagles to 12 College Championships and the team doesn’t even exist.

Have you ever seen anyone do a Craig T impression? No One Dares!!

Craig T was once asked to act his way out of a paper bag ~ The bag was never seen again

Craig T jerked off once and there was a kid there in the morning.

One day Craig T went camping and had to shit. 3 days later there stood Chuck Norris.

Craig T saved GEICO 50% off THEIR car insurance.
by Christopher Deadman October 26, 2007
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