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The best show style network ever had, but what did they do? cancelled after one (maybe not even a whole) season. It was a brilliant combination of original crafting with a badass set and hilarious host, Jason Jones (my pants!) Regular crafters fashioned lingerie out of whitey tighties, wedding cakes out of little debbie snacks, and designer jeans out of Jones' pants. Amber, the show's assistant, who brought out the piles of crafting options, is creepy, unemotional, and wonderfully inspiring, with a really great taste in eyeshadow. Whomever prevailed in the crafting duels at the end of the day faced off with the Craft Lady of Steel, a RISD graduate (who nearly always beat the regular old crafties.) All this and a prestigious panel of judges including knitting geniuses and fashion website owners made this show spectacular, a true winner.
It's a shame style network dropped Craft Corner Deathmatch, easily their best show ever, but they can keep that wretched Niecy Nash on the air.
by angry viewer July 18, 2008
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