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A person who if given the opportunity to go back in time to any era in their life to replay or relive would choose the 1980s simply based on the DRUGS , hairbands, Gay spandex pants, and the so-called party scene of their time to real live a crackhead Fantasy of the only time they felt meaningful in life. Such individual possibly may grow up to have bipolar tendencies, spend their free time in dive bars, or possibly be an air guitar superstar, or even claim to communicate with Nikki six via texting at 3 o'clock in the morning. Such device used for Time Machine maybe Ford pick up truck with the key components to time travel being broken tools and cigarette lighters
That crackhead time machine was on display at the Black horse Tavern.

By traveling 88 Miles per hour The crackhead Time Machine went back til when a balls were in and gay porn mustaches were in style.
by Mr Magoe October 14, 2014
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