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The latest game in the Crackdown series, set to reinvent and build sky-high off of the foundations layed by the original game.

Crackdown 3 delivers Microsoft's Azure-powered, revolutionary multiplayer destruction in typical Crackdown fashion. Players will be able to leap from skyscraper to skyscraper – tearing them down with their buddies as they do so.

Outside of its exciting new multiplayer experience, the game will also have a traditional Crackdown-styled single player mode that is four player co-op enabled, much like the previous two games.

Set to release alongside Project Scorpio this year, on Xbox One and Win10. I'll remember its release date as the day my life was completed.
Before E3 2014:
Dude #1: 'Where the hell is Crackdown 3 right now?'

Dude #2: 'I've not the foggiest idea, mate.'

After E3 2014:

Dude #1: 'Holy smokes, it's actually happening! Crackdown 3 is here!'

Dude #2: 'Quite so, my good man. Lad, let us pray that this technological advancement – known as Crackdown 3 – delivers on what it promises.'

Dude #1: 'Oh it will BABY!'

Dude #2: 'Amen.'
by XD bf1 4 life April 13, 2017
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