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Crack Weezy is the name derived from Crackle, as in Snap, Crackle, and Pop as in Rice Krispies. It was shortened to Crack to make clear of the subject's habits. Weezy was added to the name to signify the exercise induced asthma that causes the subject to weeze when running. Certain things can help this weezing, however, such as lined softball fields.
A Crack Weezy can be belligerent but if you understand them and how they work you can easily tame them and bring them back down to a rational level within seconds of the onset of belligerence.

Often abbreviated CW or C-Dub
Get 'er done crack weezy!
Run Crack Weezy Run!
C-W how to be!
Work yo wrist Crack Weezy!
Cracckkkkk Weeeeezzzzzyyyyy
by The Towering Inferno October 07, 2009
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