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As seen in Futurama: The Beast With A Billon Backs, it is by far the rudest way to hang up a phone. One does this by placing the phone between the cheeks of the buttocks and slamming it back into the receiver. This works best when both parties are using a video phone.
"Issak was being such a dick last night that I crack slammed the phone on his ass!"

"Dude, he must have really been a dick to deserve that."
by C.R. Strenth October 20, 2008
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Using one's buttocks to hang up the phone in the rudest possible manner
"How did you get this number? Hermes, hang up on him in the rudest possible manner!"
"Yes sir!"
*drops pants and picks up the receiver with his butt*
"No! Not the crackslam!"
by Nurse Zoidberg July 06, 2008
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