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The Cowclops was created around 1995 by 3 bored kids screwing around with Mario Paint. It is a purple one eyed cow that says "fishstick" instead of "moo." There is not much else to it.

It is also my user name. Some retard named "Bill Martin" from port leyden NY or lyonsville NY or whatever it is thinks he was original by searching through expired domain names for something "original" sounding so in reality he just ripped me off, registered and decided he was going to start marketing things under like 15 different names, one of which is "Cowclops Productions." Why doesn't he pick one relevant name and stick with it, instead of holding onto shit that IS NOT HIS. I have files on zip disks dating back to 1997 that refer to the Cowclops and this n00b^2 thinks if he just calls himself "Cowclops Productions" it becomes his. I don't know trademark law, but I do know originality when I see it, and he DOES NOT HAVE IT. He doesn't even use the domain name for anything, so what the crap?
Bill Martin from South Port Trading / Adirondack Music Festival thinks he is original by using the name "Cowclops Productions" but he is in fact a species of life somewhere between "doorknob" and "mayo." I am Cowclops. He is not.
by Cowclops March 23, 2005
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