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A cow pie surprise is when you go to a farm and walk out into the field and find a crusty cow pie. You must do this in the daylight so you can find a good ripe pie, but if you must do it at night just remember. . . .BOOTS. Anywho, after finding the right one, you sneak into a friends room while he or she is sleeping. Climb up on a chair or nightstand, anything with some height. Once stable yell "FIRE, FIRE, THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!" the victim will awake wondering what's going on. Once you can see the whites of their eyes, let the pie fly and gravity will do its thing smacking the person in the face.

NOTE: Have a camera ready for the "shitty" look that you will reiceve.

NOTE: Gloves may be needed. The cow pie may have a gooey middle, also known as a SLOPPY COW PIE SURPRISE.
Person 1: Man, Did you see that shitty look Turza had after his cow pie surprise.

Person 2: No but he did smell like shit all day.
by MC-Cloud December 07, 2006
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