Retards who believe Covid-19 isn't real. They normally:
1. Use the term 'sheep' (which roughly translates to "I'm a narcissist who believes anyone opposing my views are morons and I'm right all the time") to describe people who are taking safety precautions and using common sense.
2. Are normally found on news videos discussing the virus on YouTube.
3. Use ellipses and exclamation points frequently.
4. Believe the virus isn't real and that the government wants to control people through fear.
5. Believe the "New World Order" is coming.
6. Self-righteous, egotistical, arrogant and completely delusional.
7. Escaped convicts of Arkham Asylum.
8. Have no sense of humor.
9. Typically middle-aged to elderly (although some young ones are emerging).
10. Go to anti-Covid 19 protests that do fuck all.
11. Believe that lockdown is equal to house arrest.
12. Want to turn everything into a conspiracy involving the government because they don't want to believe anything natural happens.
13. Do five minutes of research and believe their fucking Albert Einsten.
Covid-19 Disbeliever: You're all blind sheep following the government's fear-mongering tactics... Why won't you wake up and see that this "virus" is just a ploy to control us!! So much fake news... And you're all falling for it!!!

Person with common sense: Get a load of this! One of those Covid-19 Disbelievers. What a fucking twat. I truly hope you get the help you need to deluded little cunt.
by BlipityBlopityBloop September 14, 2020
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