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Very thin-skinned, fragile ego, insecure yet entitled, self-centered, lacking in empathy and having a very low emotional IQ. They only care about themselves and view people as objects and pawns rather than human beings. They feed off of admiration, compliments & attention yet are never able to congratulate or thank you. If they offer an apology you can be sure it is insincere and only serves to regain control of their victims. They are just as manipulative as overt narcissists, and often more dangerous because you don’t see them coming. They yet come off as quiet, shy, sweet, innocent, & frequently charming. They do not seem to be a threat so you allow them into your lives unsuspecting, and they tear through your world like a tornado once they gain your trust. They lie, belittle, misuse, disrespect, control, and otherwise manipulate their prey into submission. Their tools are guilt, shame, blame, cat & mouse games and gaslighting. They punish you with passive agressive behavior, the silent treatment, put downs, and other subtle methods. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions and always twist everything around and turn it back on you. They can eventually become mentally, emotionally, physically and/or sexually abusive. They frequently will fly into a complete rage and break things. They may kill your pets or worse your children or you if their rage becomes explosive enough. They lack the ability to understand or control their emotions.
Covert Narcissist

I told Hunter I didn’t like him flirting with other girls in front of me and I end up being blamed for not trusting him and somehow he is now the victim. I’m still scratching my head.

I asked Jane if she minded that I chose the restaurant today and all the sudden I don’t “understand what it was like to be the overlooked middle child”. WTH?!

William flew into a narcissistic rage when I told him I felt like he was just using me for sex. He said I was sexist to assume all men can’t think with both heads at the same time.
by Sunny Dayz June 09, 2018
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