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American actress, born November 8,1967, San Franscisco, Calif., grew up nearby in Santa Crus and in S.F., became thru the late 70s-80s often featured up-and-coming juvenile actress, then appearing i series "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" as "Stacy",the former Jennifer Jason Leigh virgin charcter and "Day By Day", and some movies before in 1992, at 24 or so, FINALLY hitting the bigtime in Fox's big hit "Melrose Place" TV Show as Allison, then OPPOSITE Calista Flockhart playing, by conicidence, an Allison-Ally McBeal",also on Fox, then Touchstone/Disney's current According to Jim" 2001}, as Jim Belushi's "Donna Reed with a sense of humor" to Jim's Jackie Gleason and John Goodman; usually acts only on TV with few exceptions -one being Carrot Top's reasonably funny flick, 1998's "Chairman of the Board" which was NOT about Frank Sinatra; and now has a very funny book from Broadway Books-"Outside In". Bold, Blond, and Beautiful, to quote a Hairspray quote.
HORNY RED BLOODED AMERICAN MALE: "Boy, did you see Courtney Thorne-Smith - boy if I were in the army I would have a pinup of her. At least as she is, if not in a swimsuit

HIS EQUALLY HORNY RED BLODDED MALE FRIED: (enthusiastically-like) "(all drawnout) YEAAAH!!!!!"
by ESSJAY August 28, 2008
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