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A normal Hipster tool, who thinks dressing like the Kings of Leon pardons his Ultra-hipster sense of regular wank clothing. Usually these Cuntsters hang in small bands, play instruments such as Ukuleles and Maracas. This species of renegade hipster recently discovered artists such as Johnny Cash they also wear Cowboy hats paying homage to the species favorite movie "Broke-Back Mountain". They also "Dig" barns way more then one should "Dig" a barn. These Cuntsters have travelled to countries such as South America, Indonesia and Thailand in search of mad swell to Froth on.
Country Hipster / Cuntsters: What should we wear tonight?

Hipster: I was thinking a Sweater 3 size too small for me?

Country Hipster / Cuntsters: Na Bra, Flannelette, trucker cap and no shoes with way-farers?

Hipster: Ok, Wolfpack howling at moon shirt it is.
by Jeffrey Rosenballs January 02, 2012
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