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The country girl effect states that when a hot girl from the country moves into the city, and is unaware of just how attractive she is, she may be prone to dating males of significantly less attractiveness.

Some studies (read: me guessing) suggest that after the move to the city, the hot country girl assumes that few people talk to her because of any reason but the actual one: shes really hot and thus intimidating.

Also, the effect consistently makes the country girl's values significantly different than her urban-dwelling counterparts; the country girl tends to care less about appearances and more about other things. What is found attractive may be different than what you may be accustomed to when dealing with urban girls.

Guys that bank on their personality: rejoice. The country girl effect is absolute law. Catch them before they find out they're hot!
Urban dwelling guy: Dude, see that chick in the cowboy hat? Country girl effect in full force, IIIIII got her number! ME!
by crispy4297 February 22, 2010
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