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Idiom. To be worthless; not worth anything at all.

Derived from the informal use of the word 'squat' BrE skwɒt NAmE skwɑ t as having the same meaning as 'diddly-squat' 'dɪdlɪˌskwɒt (also doodly-squat 'dudliˌskwɑt) : nothing, anything at all, not anything.

Note: "diddly" and "squat" each are used in NAmE as having the same meaning as 'diddly-squat'.
1-Actions speak louder than words; words alone count for squat.

2- "He is sending you flowers in hopes of improving your opinion of him"
"It doesn't count for squat. He is still the same person."
by A Student of English July 14, 2018
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