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A person with no permanent residence, who appeals to the sympathy of people who do not want to see the person officially homeless and on the streets, but who refuses to take advice or work to change their situation, attitude or actions in any meaningful way. They move from couch to couch, (house to house) staying until they either wear out their welcome or the homeowners rules become to burdensome. Really onerous and over the line rules like "Clean up after yourself" or "If you can't contribute with $ right now, how about some housework?" or "Stop playing online games all day and Fbooking all day and look for a job!"
Man, I thought I could help John, but he is just a couch lounger!

How long you gonna let that couch lounger hang out at your crib eating your grub?
Is John still at your house? No that couch lounger split when I told him he had to wash dishes and do laundry for his rent! He called his uncle and whined to him about sleeping under a bridge and now he is lounging on his uncles couch!
by Quarterhorse1961 November 28, 2016
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