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A man of God who is learning new thing's everyday. A man that many people wouldn't put their faith in because of pre-judgness. A man who though he new how to love the right way and have a perfect relationship untill this very special lady came in and showed him new boundaries. A man whoms heart is filled with pureness and is as humble as can be. A man who believes that love should only come one time, but when it comes it should stay forever. A man that has forgave everybody who has ever turned their backs on him. A Man who has left his past behind him. A Man Who wants Her To Let Go And He Promises He will be there to Catch You, the Trust that She can put in me stretches further than where you reside.. Coty Bailey; is the definition I want to be.
Coty Bailey
by oneheartoneloveonemind February 04, 2010
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