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Originally from the Latin word "corpus" meaning the body, a corps is a group of people who unite for a common cause. The Peace Corps or the Corps of Engineers or even the United States Marine Corps.

A Corpse is made up of employees sent by corporate bosses to protest legislation that will impact their company. These cadavers are used in paid AstroTurf rallies. In a time when unemployment is double digits, termination of employment is a great motivator of Corpse Protesters.
Corpse Protesters work for numerous industries. The Insurance Corpse protests health insurance regulation, the Climate Corpse protests environmental protection and green energy and the Banking and Wall Street Corpse protests banking regulation that would protect consumers and prevent another meltdown. Militias are the most dangerous of the corpses. Hyped up on talk radio gloom and doom, these unemployed white men protest non existent gun regulation and their tactics border on terrorism.
by stillonline November 16, 2009
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